Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, we have all moved to Arkansas, so with that, I'm changing our blog address to if you want to check us out! Please add me to your private blogs. Thanks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm going to have the Change the Title of My Blog

A quick rundown of the last couple of months....first my grandmother in Idaho passed away from pnuemonia. She will be greatly missed. It was a nice trip to see my family and some of Dave's family. The babies above are Dave and Marianne's. (Two out of the Three Triplets) I spent time with our good friends, Chris and Kristen....Liz...Dave's parents...and lots of time with all my siblings and some of their spouses and my parents.
Here we are at the grave site. It is a beautiful spot.

Todd totally photo-bombed here...

Here we all are...
We had a great day out...just the girls...a little shopping and a little lunch.

Then, Tommy, Bella, and Jane had their adnoids out and turbinates reduced. (Bella also had her tonsils out) And that took about 2 weeks to recover from that. Right after that, I had a vein burst in my head, which took a couple of weeks to recover from that.
Then for those of you who haven't heard yet....Dave took a job with Sam's Club, which means we can no longer be the "Wisconsin Watsons" but the "Arkansas Watsons." (And that name really sounds horrible so I'll have to come up with a totally different name altogether.) We are very excited for the whole adventure. We have loved Wisconsin in so many ways, but are ready to venture on. Maybe this will inspire me to blog more. I've been remiss lately!
We took a trip down to Arkansas last weekend with the whole family. Since I'm not flying (because of the brain bleed), Tommy, Jane and I drove down. It was really fun because we were listening to "Hunger Games" on audio, until Jane and I started throwing up....which is only good because now I really know there is nothing that will burst in my head anytime soon.
Other than Bella, Tommy, and Michael each taking a turn puking in the hotel, it was a fun visit. We bought a house, so we'll be moving down there as soon as school is out. Sam's club is packing and moving us, so it shouldn't been too hard. Has anyone noticed that Dave and I don't stay put for very long???? Kohls has been a great company to work for...and I will miss the discount, but Sam's will be a great opportunity for Dave, it's hard to pass up.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Weird Things the Watsons do!

Jane's typical, "don't look at me face", But really, how can you not stare?
Should we bring the mullet back?
I ask you... who DOESN'T pull out Halloween wigs just for fun?
Jane loved her "princess hair"

Admit it, she looks a little like the original "Annie"

More Cheerleading and Gymnastics

Rachel completed 6 classes of gymnastics and in that time learned a back-hip circle, front and back walkovers, one-handed cartwheel off the beam, back hand spring, splits, and more. Now if she could only learn to vault....

Here she is doing the back-hip circle.
Bella is quite the little cheerleader. Her favorite part is the stunts and the half-time dance.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What We Are Doing This Winter to Keep the Blues Away!

You can't really see her, but Rachel is doing gymnastics. It is a great little place we found. The coach is a REAL coach. Meaning (to me) that he is a demanding coach. They do a lot of conditioning, drills, and he expects them to progress fast. He is a previous Olympic coach for the Chinese team. In five weeks, (only going once a week) Rachel can do a back hip circle on the bar, a back-hand spring, vaulting skills, and a cart-wheel on the beam. I hope she continues to like it. I know I love watching it!
Bella is doing cheerleading. She likes it okay, but probably won't sign up again next year. She wishes she was in gymnastics instead. But she is doing really well in the sport. She even cheered for one of Tommy's games which was a real cool thing.

Jane gets dragged everywhere we go. She just likes to go along with the flow. She really likes to go to her "Princess Class" which is the YMCA daycare when I go to my classes. Hee Hee.

Well, Tommy is in there somewhere. I just couldn't get a good shot. They are always moving! He is having a good year. Dave and I had to talk him into playing, and I'm so glad we did. His team is undefeated. Tommy plays a mean defence and always manages at least one basket a game.
Michael is also doing a intro to basketball class and swim lessons at the YMCA, but I don't have pictures for him.
As a mom, there is nothing I enjoy more than watching my kids participate in these types of activities. They are such a great experience all around.

Valentines' Day

What IS it about Valentines' Day? Some people love it and some people hate it. I personally love it. I just think it shouldn't be blown out of proportion. Little sweet notes to say "I love you" is always a good thing....given with a piece of chocolate doesn't hurt either.
Jane is all about Princesses. If I want her to eat her soup, I tell her it is "Princess Soup." If I want her to sit in her car seat, it is a "Princess Car Seat" etc.

I think Michael loved Valentines' Day the most. He REALLY loves people. There were SO many special Valentines' from Michael. He really agonized over two girls in his class....which one should he marry...?

Rachel is a little jaded already about love...she just likes the candy supply she brings home.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What the Watsons Do on a Saturday Night

Just proof they were wearing suits...